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7 Challenges That are Concerning the Marine and Offshore Industry Today

The global economy depends largely on the functional efficiency of the shipping industry. A huge chunk of global exports are transported across the globe by ships, including essential commodities and basic necessities.

Experts in the marine industry are constantly looking for effective solutions that can reduce overall costs and help perform operations in the most environment friendly manner.

They are also striving hard to meet safety regulations and include more practices that prioritise the health of crewmen.

Let us take a closer look at the most significant challenges that the maritime industry faces and how to resolve them

Challenges That Marine and Offshore Companies Face

1. Hiring High-Quality Human Resources

One of the biggest challenges faced by the marine and offshore industry is the inability to attract and retain qualified and experienced employees.

Factors like the pandemic and geopolitical differences have also made it difficult to conduct crew change management processes easily.

  • Even though so many engineers, managers, and charterers apply for job positions, not many of them have the required experience to support their qualifications and knowledge.
  • There is not much encouragement provided for younger people to step into this industry. Due to this, most of them do not show interest in the engineering and technical field.
  • There are not many sources who are ready to fund for the training of crew members and engineers. This negligence leads to recruiting candidates with poor skills and knowledge and who are not ready to tackle marine challenges.

2. Technological Challenges

Technology has had a great impact on the marine and offshore industry by reducing overall costs and improving the efficiency of processes.

But the technological and scientific advancements that the world is experiencing right now are too fast-paced for the professionals to keep up with.

 The increased digitization and inclusion of more AI systems lead to both industrial as well as individual challenges.

  • There is no adequate training provided to resolve the issues that come with using new technology onboard ships.
  • The fast rate at which technologies emerge also pose several security concerns.
  • The advanced technology and digital transformation threatens the marine engineers and contractors, as they are competing against this accelerated digitization.
  • Advanced technology open up millions of opportunities to increase productivity at workplace. But, it also comes with so many challenges like the ones mentioned above which should be resolved so that humans remain at the forefront.

3. Unreliable Modes of Communication

Even though technology has made it easy for marine companies to use improved means of communications, there are still issues that they face regarding the speed of connection.

  • Terrestrial and digital satellite radio systems make it difficult to make full use of data services. There should be efforts to enhance the communication systems in order to improve the efficiency and employee engagement.
  • It can also help in safeguarding crew members and vessels and navigating better and conducting marine operations in a more productive manner.
  • Most marine and offshore companies do not have adequate employee engagement platforms that can help deliver customised messages to seafarers on any vessels. This facilitates a better mode of communication between the office and crew members thereby bringing an increased alignment between ship and shore operations.

4. Challenges Regarding Training Programmes

The marine industry is one that requires constant study and evaluation of laws and regulations in different countries. Professionals have to indulge in heavy paperworks and maintain constant reports and records regarding the vessels and the crewmen they handle.

  • Ship owners and operators always have to expect 3rd party inspections at ports and non-compliance with regulations can result in severe financial and legal consequences.
  • You need experts who are ready to learn constantly and keep the ship ready for inspections by promoting awareness and ensuring that they stick to regulations and safety standards.
  • Lack of training and up skilling  programs discourage young potential crewmen as they are not ready to face the controlling approach of the captain.
  • Along with the introduction of training programmes, the workplace environment should also be made more social and experiential to encourage youngsters.

5. Environmental Challenges

Apart from people and technology, environmental challenges are one of the biggest risks that the marine industry faces currently.

  • It is difficult for marine and offshore companies to work within the restrictions imposed by environmental rules and regulations.
  • The efforts to reduce carbon footprint conflict with the economical goals and other targets of companies.
  • Lack of skilled professionals who can give better insights in understanding environmental issues and give potential solutions for them to streamline marine operations.

6. Making the Workforce More Diverse and Inclusive

Offshore marine services providers are usually male dominated companies which do not allow for acceptance of more diversity.

The stigma attached to people of other genders joining the industry still persists and remains as a challenge that needs to be tackled.

  • The inclusion of women can also resolve challenges regarding talent shortage and take off stress from the shoulders of current predominantly male workforce.
  • Including a more diverse team of employees will also provide you opportunities to see things from different perspectives. People of different backgrounds will be able to bring to the table a variety of ideas and solutions.
  • Developing better strategies to enhance the safety of women and proper distribution of labour will ensure more inclusion and diversity in this industry.

7. Health Risks and Safety Challenges

The offshore services industry is one that poses several health risks for the employees. Seafarers have to work long hours performing tasks that can be mentally and physically exhausting.

They have to be conscious about even the most minuscule details as even minor mistakes could result in large consequences. Poor mental health and operational risks that come with it can affect shipping companies significantly. Unavailability of high quality navigational aids that can ensure the safety of crew men are also concerning.

The HR departments of shipping companies should come up with better employee engagement techniques and strategies that ensure that crewmen get the right balance of work and rest and for their safety. They can use technologies and AI advancements to make better decisions to improve workplace wellbeing.

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