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Break Away Coupling

Break Away Coupling

Safety Break-away coupling are used to prevent pull away accidents, Protect terminal and loading/unloading equipment and eliminated unwanted product release. The break-away couplings have a diverted breaking point which will break at a determined break-load where upon the internal valves will automatically close on both sides. This will in a longer time frame minimize down time, save money, equipment and the environment. The Safety Break-away coupling are available as industrial and Marine Type.

Industrial Break-away coupling

Typically installed into loading arm and hoses assemblies, where at least one side of the coupling is attached to a rig and fixed point.

Marine Break-away coupling

Marine Safety Break-aways are designed to only release by inline pull and are used between two strings of hoses. Size: 1″to 6″ Higher Sizes are available upon request. MOC: Brass, Stainless Steel & Aluminium. (Also available in other metals upon request)

When to use a Marine Breakaway Coupling

MSZ Offshore are often fitted to protect the weaker components in the system, for instance, the small diameter tail hoses in a floating string.MSZ Offshore have a function in surface floating, subsea and catenary hoses. An MBC requirement should be due to a risk assessment of the loading system with the terminal location, product flow rates, product pressures, environmental conditions, limits for operation and configuration in consideration. These couplings reduce stress on hose reels and save both weight and time as well as being very safe.

Breakaway couplings are an essential component in maintaining the environmental integrity of tanker offloading operations, providing passive hose string protection against excessive axial tension and internal surge pressures. These primarily occur as a result of tanker breakouts, caused by excessive environmental forces parting mooring hawsers, over-stressing the hose and potentially rupturing them. While the hose’s internal pressure can surge as a result of an incorrectly operated valve closing against the flow of fluid, leading to the hose’s carcass/carcasses or fittings becoming damaged.

To determine the appropriate valve and provide reliable transfer operations, MSZ Offshore works with the customer to determine the following system details:

• Terminal location

• Environmental conditions

• Pipeline size

• Product flow rate

• Product pressure

For more information on Marine Breakaway Couplings from MSZ Offshore. Reach us at: info@mszoffshore.com