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Chafe Chain Supplier

MSZ Offshore Chain Support Buoy is designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions associated with offshore operations.

MSZ Offshore manufacture resilient chain support buoys from polyethylene foam. They are coated in a polyurethane elastomer skin and are both impact and abrasion resistant. Hongruntong offer a number of chain support buoy options: Swivel eyes top and bottom, Chain through arrangement and Pick-up Buoys. Applications include single point mooring systems and pipe or chain system buoyancy.


  • Durable material
  • Polyurethane elastomer
  • Strengthen skin tear resistance
  • Even if the skin is severely damaged, it hardly sinks
  • High impact energy absorption
  • Can be customized according to requirements

We have developed a strong relationship with our manufacturing partners, Asian Star Anchor Chain, over twelve years of co-operation. Located in Jiangsu Province, Asian Star is adjacent to the Yangtze River giving easy access to the port of Shanghai by barge. Combining access to the world’s largest production capacity for offshore grade mooring chain and the ability to meet the most demanding technical requirements in the shortest possible time frame, this partnership gives Offspring International both strength and depth of supply.

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