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MSZ Offshore Wide Range for Single Point Mooring (SPM)

MSZ Offshore is able to provide the best complete solution for Single Point Mooring systems satisfying all the customers’ needs.

MSZ Offshore wide range for SPM is composed by deep water floats, pick-up buoys, floats for break-away coupling, floating Y pieces and reducers, winkerlights, lace-on hawser floats, mooring buoys for SPM, FSO, FPSO and FDPSO.

We are the top manufacturer & supplier for Single Point Mooring systems. We provide three different types of deep water floats for Single Point Mooring Systems and FPSO-FSO Systems with various characteristics and performances. The standard floats cover a range of internal diameter adaptations from 240 mm to 970 mm and a range of net buoyancy from 32 kg to 430 kg.

The three types of deep water floats are Hinged, Grooved and Bolted.

The Hinged type is equipped with a heavy duty stainless steel metallic part, which through a system of softerners, allows the float to follow the movement of the internal pressure of the hose. Therefore, the security of the line is even more guaranteed. Moreover, it is a float able to adapt to a second structure assembly, since it allows a very opening angle.

The Grooved float is the most functional and resistant. It has been drawn to guarantee heavy-duty performances. Above all, it is a float with very high buoyancy capabilities.

The Bolted float is a perfect combination of the resistance to impacts of the Grooved float and the extraordinary hydrodynamics. Also in this case the buoyancy is elevated.


  • Available in Single / Double Leg Grommet type assembly made of Nylon / Maxiflex
  • PE braided netting with copper and steel wire to reduce algae growth and protection from predators
  • Customised length
  • Conforming to OCIMF guidelines
  • High TCLL value
  • Thimbles and Monel blocks ultrasonically tested to suit marine conditions
  • Certified by Lloyds Register Asia

Offspring’s SPM product range offers outstanding operational performance, reliability, safety and on-time delivery. Bespoke Single Point Mooring packages can include: 

  • Chafe chains
  • Mooring hawsers 
  • Marine Breakaway Couplings 
  • Pick-up and Messenger ropes 
  • Support buoys 
  • Shackles 
  • Associated fittings 
  • Load monitoring equipment 
  • Marine hose ancillary equipment

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